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We are currently offering in-person and online groups.

Please call 970. 874. 9180 to schedule your intake appointment.

Appointments are also offered after 5 PM and on Saturdays. 


We commit ourselves to provide a confidential and safe environment with understanding support for hope and healing through our Driving With Care program and counseling.  We strive for continous growth and improvement to better serve our clients in their recovery process.

Counseling and Evaluation

We provide DUI and mental health counseling to the community.  We are now starting DUI Level II Four Plus groups. 

CWSC also provides Alcohol and Other Drug, Mental Health Counseling, Nursing Board and court ordered evaluations.


DUI evaluations done by probation do not fulfill the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) requirement for clinical assessment. Although much of this information can  add to an assessment, OBH requires licensed treatment providers complete a comprehensive, best-practices assessment no later than 7 days of admission. The assessment is required to include the 20 areas identified in OBH rule 21.190.3.D/


We provide Level I and II Education, Level II Therapy, Enhanced Therapy  and Level II Four Plus classes.


Your alcohol evaluation will determine the level of education and therapy you will be required to complete.

Driving With Care Program
  • Level I Education: DWAI education program designed for first-time offenders

  • Level II Education:  Program for impaired driving offenders who have at least minimal indicators of past problems associated with AOD use or misuse and whose arrest blood-alcohol-content was at the impaired driving level

  • Level II Therapy: program designed for clients with higher levels of AOD disruption and psychosocial problems who need intervention over longer periods of time

  • Level II Four Plus: program designed for clients who are third or fourth time offenders.

Links that provide DUI Information. Laws, requirements, fines, treatment and more...
Colorado Guidelines
CO DMV Requirements
7th Judicial District

7th Judicial District Delta County

Click on the link above to access the website for court, probation, docket information etc.

Tips for Employment
There are all sorts of websites that are helpful in seeking employment. is one. 
The unemployment center is another helpful source.  There are employers who only post jobs through the unemployment center.