The instructor must have at least a CAC II certification or a (LAC) Licensed Addiction Counselor license.

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Who instructs the classes?

We require payment at the time of services.

In some cases, if a person has a probation officer and are repeat offenders they may request Persistent Drunk Driver fund assistance.

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What if I can't afford classes?

You may start taking classes after you get a DUI ticket.  You don't have to wait until you go to court.

Complete intake packet and pay the admission costs and start class.

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When can I start classes?
May I take education and therapy at the same time?

No. The state requires a person to complete level II education prior to starting level II therapy.

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Normally after court you will see the Alcohol Specialist Evaluator from the probation department of the district court from where you received your ticket.  They will tell you which classes you'll be required to complete.

How do I know what level of classes I need?

Now accepting payment with PayPal and Venmo!

We accept cash and checks.

Vouchers from probation and other agencies.

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What forms of payment do you take?